About the company

BIKON-PEE Trans Continentals History. (Zarp VoIP)

Zarp VoIP developed a solution in a box that will, fill the gap between price and quality in telecommunication Using VOIP, adding features that cannot be found in one solution.

Mission Statement

To provide international communications of excellence.

Zarp VoIP (Zarp Talk - Telecommunication) will strive to become the most progressive enterprise in the VoIP communications business. The company will offer customers cost effective phone systems and VoIP services for affordability and quality delivery.

Filling the gap between Asia and Africa, when it comes to telecommunication. Voice over internet Protocol (VoIP).

This business of voice over internet protocol, upgrading the voice service to be one of the leading names on Voice business. Zarp VoIP is a registered company in Australia, Ghana and Nigeria. For the purpose of this proposal we will focus on providing VoIP product and services. The Operational Head Quarters will be strategically established in Nigeria.

Aims and Objective

To bring you closer to people that matter most in your life while given best experience in voice quality across the globe. Promoting global communications which are cost effective and accessible to all users.


Customers satisfaction guaranteed through very low cost, quality communications

Our Team

Olabisi Osanmoh Vice Director Sales, Brings savvy contribution to the business generally. We look forward to many wholesale distributors to enhance our market share and expansion with the able supervision of the Vice Director of Sales for Zarp VoIP a baby of BIKON-PEE Trans Continentals, Australia.

We have also appointed the world leading names in telecom to be our partner, organizations like TATA Com, Broadband Telecom, Glo Telecom and the best phone manufacturing for our phones from table phone to handheld phones. Our VoIP solution will be a leading name VOIP industry within 2 years. Our 4 Registered office across the world, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, will make our service the world first class.

Israel Osanmoh MIB. Founder/partner also brings his long rich experience from Masters of International Business (MIB) from the University of Tasmania, Hobart Australia, in the fostering of International Business Operation.